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Geriatric foot care, senior foot treatment, elderly foot tratment in the Clark County, NV: Las Vegas (North Las Vegas, Spring Valley, Sunrise Manor, Paradise, Enterprise, Henderson, Whitney, Winchester, Summerlin South) areasAs you age, it’s important to pay good attention to your overall health, this includes the well being of your feet. The feet are considered the foundation of the body, if their hygiene becomes at risk, it’s possible you can find yourself immobile and in pain. To avoid this, it’s recommended that senior citizens, in particular, take early action in maintaining the health of their feet.

Some of the most common foot conditions found among geriatric patients include heel pain, ingrown toenails, corns, calluses, bunions, dry skin, brittle nails, complications due to arthritis and diabetes, and fungal infections. In order to avoid these issues from arising, it’s recommended that you use a foot stool when seated to keep the feet elevated, dry your feet completely after washing, ensure your shoes and socks fit well and leave room for your toes, trim your toenails straight across on a regular basis, and that you keep your feet moisturized to avoid cracking of the skin.

Daily Foot Inspection

In order to avoid these conditions, it is recommended that the feet be inspected by the patient on a regular basis. If these inspections are carried out routinely, there is a good likelihood that problems can be identified before they become severe, or can even be avoided altogether. If any abnormality is discovered, it is important that the individual consults his or her podiatrist for a diagnosis and information on treatment options.

It may also be helpful to look into footwear that provides your feet with extra support to avoid fallen arches and ingrown toenails, as well as to help you keep your balance while going about your daily activities. In more severe cases, depending on the foot condition you’re experiencing, some podiatrists may suggest custom orthotics or shoe inserts to help correct the alignment of your feet.

As people age, the fat present on the feet begins to deteriorate. The protective nature of this fat keeps the feet healthy by providing a barrier between your bones and the ground as well as giving the skin on the foot a certain amount of elasticity. This is one factor that causes elderly people to develop foot issues. Foot moisturizers can be helpful to avoid certain problems associated with this.

If you’re experiencing foot pain of any kind or would like more information on how to maintain healthy feet as you age, we recommend you speak with a podiatrist who can offer you professional advice and guidance.

Geriatric Foot Care (FAQs)

Why are elderly people more prone to foot problems?
As with any other part of the body, as we age, our feet undergo wear and tear. The muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, and fat pads in the feet can begin to deteriorate, leading to an increased risk of developing various foot problems. Elderly people are also more likely to have systemic illnesses, such as diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, poor circulation, and arthritis, which can all affect the feet. Additionally, the risk of falling increases with age. A fall can injure the feet and impair mobility.
What foot problems should elderly people look out for?
Certain foot problems are more common among older adults. These include bunions, hammertoes, corns, calluses, cracked heels, toenail fungus, heel pain, diabetic foot wounds, nerve damage, arthritis, and poor circulation.
How do you take care of elderly feet?
The best way to care for elderly feet is to establish a daily foot care routine. This typically includes daily practices to maintain good foot hygiene, such as washing, thoroughly drying, and moisturizing the feet, and trimming the toenails appropriately. Regularly stretching the feet can help maintain their strength and flexibility. It is also important to wear comfortable, properly-fitted shoes.
How do you prevent foot problems in the elderly?
In addition to following a daily foot care routine, older adults should carefully monitor the appearance and health of their feet. This can be done through daily visual inspection of the feet. Look out for any cuts, scrapes, sores, wounds, blisters, or other changes in the feet, such as discoloration. Also take note of any new or strange sensations, including aches, pains, tingling, or numbness. If you notice any problems, seek the care of a podiatrist as soon as possible. Prompt and proper treatment is the key to preventing any complications and maintaining good foot health as you age.


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