Detailed courteous & professional..well rounded foot specialist with keen podiatry skills..5stars...Allen Kelley patient. Yu

Dr Shalev is warm, caring, courteous and knowledgeable. His review of my bunion and hammer toe issues was thorough, and he clearly explained my options and their potential outcomes. I do not hesitate recommending Dr. Shalev to future prospective patients!

Dr. Shalev provided me with expert advice and care after I broke a toe on my left foot following a fall while rehearsing for a musical. He informed me clearly of the possible outcomes and made sure I was comfortable and knew how to take precautions until I was able to get x-rayed to confirm the diagnosis. The treatment involved a walking boot which I wore for many weeks. I was concerned because I needed to drive to work and my car was a standard transmission which meant I needed my left foot to use the clutch pedal. Dr. Shalev went through the options with me and assured me that based on the fracture I had sustained, I was able to drive with a regular proper fitting shoe, as long as I kept the boot on during all other times when I was moving around. During the entire time Dr. Shalev was extremely caring and considerate and I could clearly tell he had genuine concern for my well-being. I highly recommend Dr. Shalev for anyone requiring foot, ankle or lower leg care!

I have known Dr. Shalev for over 10 years. Recently, we saw him about a toenail fungus issue that my son has been battling for years. We have seen 4 other doctors about it and Dr. Shalev is the only one that took our concerns seriously and was willing to work with us to find a solution other than just telling us to use tea tree oil or completely removing my son's toenails forever. He is patient, gentle, kind, and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!!

I have been a patient of Amir Shalev DPM for several years now. I have been seeing him for a really, really bad case of planter fasciitis. I went from not being able to walk even a super short distance, such as my bedroom to my bathroom, without searing pain in my feet and legs, to being able to walk my dogs without pain. I can't even begin to tell you the difference that he has made for me in just my day today life. I am incredibly grateful to him for the difference he's made! I would highly recommend him to anyone who is experiencing foot\leg pain of any kind. He is an amazing physician.

Extremely personable and gave me exercises to help me maintain my good health. Thank you so much Dr. SHALEV!

I live in Texas, and when the doctors out here couldn't figure out what was wrong with my foot, I flew home to Vegas to see Dr shalev. Within minutes, I had an accurate diagnosis. He spent tons of time with me, answering my questions and getting to know me. I've never met a doctor with a better bed side manner! I still fly back to Vegas to see him when I have an issue with my foot!

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