A year ago I was prepared to cut my leg off

85-100% better on Left foot/ankle & 50% on Right... but not done!

Heal & Ankle pain gone... will recommend treatment

Pain for 3 years... 40% better after ONE treatment

In pain 10+ years... 20% improvement after ONLY 1 treatment

Able to run & jump more than he could since 2004

NO more cane, NO more walker...

From sickle cell pain and limping to NO pain

Had trouble walking before seeing us...

Man of many words... injection helped

AVOIDED surgery & being out for 1+ years due to recovery

Needed 2 shots to stop limping. From 10 out of 10 to 1.5.

Broken foot

Big Improvement After ONLY 2 Weeks

He has NO more pain, he can dance

74 year old suffering in pain. Two days after injection feels like 25.

Walked 2 miles pain-free after 1st injection

Pain in both feet for YEARS gone

Injection Testimonial

Mrs. E's pain down from a 9 to a 2-3 out of 10

Cynthia 90% pain- free

Spanish testimonial

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