Charles G.

I was in pain in my feet and ankles. Dr Shalev and his staff got me some new inserts for my shoes. Only have had them an hour and feel better. The staff is great from the moment you step in the doors. Very comfortable surroundings very clean I was impressed. I will be back and recommend them to my friends and family.

Elizabeth M.

Great office! Everyone here is so nice. The front desk, billing, assistants. I've never had one problem. I see Dr. Shalev and he's the best. I feel very comfortable and confident in him. I have recommended him to a few people and will continue to do so. If you're looking for a Podiatrist you won't regret coming here!

Erik A.

Very clean and modern office. Large waiting room. As a 1st time patient to any podiatrist, I was very happy with Dr. Shalev and his causal way of talking about foot health and addressing my questions.

Michael V.

...I could not be more pleased with Dr. Shalev and the treatment I have received. I would, and have, recommended both the clinic and Dr. Shalev to anyone requiring their services. Very professional staff, excellent physician, nice office.

Claire H.

I was so pleased with Dr. Shalev and the entire office staff. Most importantly my foot pain is gone. Thank you Dr. Shalev for listening to my problem and with your expertise, able to diagnose where the pain was orginating. He chose a conservative approach which I appreciated, but also said, if I experienced the pain again, not to hesitate to contact him. I would highly recommend Dr. Shalev...

Lisa B.

My plantar fasciitis was really acting up again after years of no problems. I finally had to break down and find a podiatrist here, as my previous one was in Denver. Quite literally picked them because they were closeby and in my network, but SO glad I did! Dr. Shalev and his staff are great! So friendly and nice! And they quickly got me "back on my feet" without pain.Thanks Dr. Shalev!!

Maggie M.

Dr. Shalev is wonderful! He really listened to all my concerns and was able to explain in detail my issues and options. He also explained step by step everything he was doing so I knew what to expect during my cortisone shot. I felt comfortable because he has such a casual yet professional manner.

Nancy L.

I was recently having some issue with my feet - plantar facilities and broken toe. I decided to go in and see Dr. Amir Shalev. I choose Dr. Shalev because we both attend the same cross fit gym and also he also has a history of running marathons. I knew that he would understands my situation and be able to help me in a way where I can modify my workouts while receiving the proper care to heal. I love this office. They are extremely professional and very accommodating. Dr. Shalev is very caring and compassionate. His office is very modern and he combines years of his own experience and expertise with today's technology. I am extremely satisfied and would highly recommend everyone.

Nancy G.

truly wooohooo for Dr. Shalev! I had never been to a podiatrist in all my many many many years.. I read yelp reviews about... dr. amir shalev.. with great warmth, humor and honesty, he gave me a cortisone shot on the bottom of my foot and i left virtually pain free... his ears must be ringing with all the people i've told.. trust me- trust him!

Jacky B.

I highly recommend Dr. Shalev. I came in with severe heel pain. It felt like I had been hobbling around in pain forever. He examined it and did some taping to see if it gave relief. This way he would know if orthotics would help. Then he taught me stretches. When a week of that did not help he gave me a cortisone shot and referred me to physical therapy. I also started wearing orthotics. Within a few days the pain was gone! I really liked how Dr. Shalev was very open about causes and options. He was very honest and straightforward on outcomes, which I appreciate. He also answered all my questions and was extremely patient. I also appreciate how he tried the less evasive route first, but quickly increased his aggressiveness at treating when necessary. I would definitely go back. He is a very caring Doctor

Amy C.

I have had a crappy left ankle for years now. When my insurance changed I finally decided to do something about it. I found this clinic on Google and gave them a call. They got me in super fast and my case was assigned to Dr. Shalev. Everyone in the office was extremely nice and Dr Shalev was amazing. After about 4 appointments I agreed to a cortisone shot and my ankle has never felt better. Dr Shalev and his staff always made me feel comfortable and welcomed and remembered. To top it off I give Dr Shalev kuddos for making me laugh every time I saw him. I will definitely not be going to anyone else for my ankle should it decide to act up again.

Petra L.

I had my toe nails previously removed three times in Los Angeles at Kaiser Permanente. In the first 2-3 days I was in so much pain that I couldn't sleep or walk and I was taking painkillers like it was candy. I was really nervous to go to the doctor again. Dr. Shalev is really amazing. He removed my toe nail before 3 pm and I started to feel a little pain before 6 pm. I didn't take any painkiller. He also mentioned that there is a chemical that he can use and my toe nail would never grow back, so that's an option too. I highly recommend him.

Kristina S.

I yelped to find the right Podiatrist Foot Doctor to go to and I'm soooooo thankful that I found this place. I've been in severe foot pain that also cause the pain to go through my knees, hip and my back. I had difficulty getting up at night that my foot can hardly touch the floor due of severe pain. Whenever I sit or drive and getting back up causes a severe pain on my back and walking was painful too. When I came for my first visit 2 days ago, they did x-tray and Dr. SHALEV pointed out exactly how long I've been suffering from my pain, I was amazed. He gave me cortisone shot on my foot, I screamed a bit but all worth it. Went to work same day and didn't feel the same foot pain, I felt relief. I was able to move around and sit down and get up without the severe pain I used to have. Instead I was non stop walking and going up/down the stairs without screaming of pain. THANK YOU! So much Dr. SHALEV. He's a great doctor and very easy to talk to because he takes the time to listen and point out exactly what you're going through. The clinic is also clean and feel at home kind of style. I'm so thankful I found Dr. SHALEV

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