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The New Standard in Wound Care

Vaporox Container Next-generation patented and FDA-cleared technology.

What is VHT?

  • FDA approved and patented technology
  • Treats DFU’s, VLU’s, post-surgical wounds and more
  • Hydrating vapor gently surrounds the wound and the elements are passively absorbed through the cell walls
  • Clinically validated as safe and effective

VHT™ Treatment

  • 1 hour treatment, twice per week
  • Painless and soothing
  • In the comfort of your doctor’s office

I was hospitalized with a horrible foot wound and they told me they needed to amputate my foot. Thankfully I was able to join the VHTTM Clinical Trial. In just 20 treatments of VHTTM, my DFU healed! I am so thankful… I get to live again and have a second chance to play with my grandchildren and watch them grow.”

Patricia M.

We were losing hope. It was amazing to see my mom heal in only 16 treatments of VHT! Now she is learning how to walk again thanks to Vaporox.”

Debbie, daughter of patient Mary P.

How well does VHT™ work?

In two separate clinical studies, adding VHT™ to standard wound care tripled healing in 20 weeks or less.

*Clinical Study

Case Studies

Vaporox 5 Weeks Vaporox 11 Weeks Vaporox 17 Weeks Vaporox 12 Weeks Vaporox 12 Weeks

I had a chronic DFU that was 6 years old and was preventing me from getting a lifesaving kidney and pancreatic transplant. After 9 weeks of treatment with VHT, my wound closed, and I received my transplant.”

Vaporox Testimonial

Ken Mitchell

Sacramento, CA
See video of Ken’s Story

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